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Jiangxi Jiayin Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiayin Company) was established in June 2011. The address is located at Hero Avenue, Baishuihu Industrial Park, Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone. The company has a registered capital of 80 million yuan, covers an area of ​​35.5 acres, and legal person The representative is Ms. Liao Jing. At present, the total number of formal employees is 148, including 11 party members. The company has established a high-level new product development team and enterprise operation team, mainly engaged in LED epitaxial materials-MO source (high-purity metal organic compound), integrated circuits and chips, iodomethane, hydroiodic acid and other semiconductor special chemicals The research and development and production of the company are based on the international advanced level and substitute imported products. The MO source is a key supporting material for the production of semiconductors using an advanced metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) process. Jiayin company specializes in the production of high-purity metal organic compounds (MO sources) with independent intellectual property rights. The trial production of trimethyl gallium products has a purity of 6.5N (ie 99.99995%) or more. Advanced level of similar products. The successful implementation of the MO source project will make our province the second province in China with a complete LED industrial chain after Jiangsu Province, and make Nanchang the first provincial capital city with a complete LED industrial chain in China.
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