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Methyl iodide, hydroiodic acid

Methyl iodide, hydroiodic acid

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Electronic grade methyl iodide & hydroiodic acid & hydrogen iodide gas:

1. Used as an analytical reagent, such as the determination of methoxy and ethoxy in organic analysis. Dissolves alkaline earth metal sulfate and mercury iodide. As a reducing agent, also used in the preparation of iodide;
2. Analytical reagents for the determination of selenium, methoxy and ethoxy groups and solvents for certain substances;
3. Reducing agent (used alone or together with red phosphorus), reduces alkenyl silyl ether, and synthesizes α-trimethylsilyl ketone from α-trimethylsilyl epoxy compound. Split the ether. Cyclize polycyclic ketones or phenols into polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons;
4. Used in the synthesis of iodides, fungicides and as raw materials for medicines;
5. The manufacture of organic iodides, general reagents, and pharmaceutical intermediates; used as analytical reagents and also used in the preparation of iodides.

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