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Integrated circuits and chips

Integrated circuits and chips

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Integrated circuits and chips
Ultra-high-purity electronic gases used in integrated circuits, mainly TEOS, tantalum sources, hafnium sources, etc., are IC precursors used in semiconductor manufacturing processes. In the semiconductor manufacturing process including thin film, photolithography, interconnection, doping technology, etc., precursors are mainly used in vapor deposition (including physical deposition PVD, chemical vapor deposition CVD, and atomic vapor deposition ALD) to form a form that meets semiconductor manufacturing requirements Various types of film layers. In addition, precursors can also be used for semiconductor epitaxial growth, etching, ion implantation and doping, cleaning, etc., and are one of the core materials for semiconductor manufacturing. Semiconductor precursors can be divided into: TEOS (Ethyl Orthosilicate), Boron Phosphorus (B, P) dopants, metal precursors, high-k precursors, low-k precursors, etc. TEOS and boron-phosphorus dopants are mainly used to generate ILD (Inter Layer Dielectric) and IMD (InterMeal Dielectric). Among them, TEOS is mainly used as a crosslinking agent for silicone polymers and silicon dioxide films. Precursor. The high-k precursor is used to generate capacitance and gate.

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